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Aquathlon (Run -Swim – Run) for children aged 7-17  years. The race is included in the IRONMAN Lanzarote Week Schedule and it traditionally takes place a day before in Puerto del Carmen.

2017  IRONKIDS Lanzarote classifications

 -Place:  Puerto del Carmen, 16:30 h.

-Date: 25 of May 2018



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The race will be controlled by the Judges Committee Canarias Triathlon

Rules IRONKIDS Lanzarote 2017

[Downloads rules-pdf]


Open to all sportsmen and women who wish to register in the following categories. Places are limited.

PREBENJAMIN: Born in 2009-2010 (70 pax)

BENJAMIN: Born in 2007-2008 (70 pax)

ALEVIN: Born in 2005-2006 (80 pax)

INFANTIL: Born in 2003 – 2004 (80 pax)

CADETE: Born in 2000-2001-2002 (50 pax)


May 19th at Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen

Time: 16:30 h.

3.- DISTANCES: (run, swim, run)

-Benjamín /250/100/250
-Alevín /500/200/500
-Infantil /1000/400/1000
-Cadete 2000/500/1000

(*)The distance of the race may be modified by the organization.

4.- REGISTRATION.– Registration can be completed at the Ciudad Deportiva Lanzarote, or via www.lanzarotedeportes.com before May 15th, 2017 at 14:00 h.

5.- RANKINGS.- There will be individual classification.

6.- JUDGES.- The race will be controlled by the Judges Committee Canarias Triathlon.

* By participating in the event, all participants acknowledge and accept the organisations use of their imagery throughout the event for promotional purposes.
This may take the form of photography, video or other media formats advertising or promoting the specific operations of the “Servicio Insular”.

You can read the rules or download it in format pdf. You can do it in the sign “+”